Litter B

“B” Litter bred by Christine King in August 1994 in Franklin, PA.

Sire: Avatar vom Bahnhof and Dam: Fancy vom Mutter Haus.

My brother, Tim, who worked at Joy Manufacturing (now Joy Global) in Franklin, PA, telephoned me and asked me if I had any puppies available because his friend (with whom he worked) lived near a juvenile detention center, where there were often escapees. One of the adjudicated juveniles had stolen his friend’s car. Another errant juvenile entered his home. This friend, Ed King, and Ed’s wife, Chris, wanted a “bad assed” Doberman to live with them for protection. They had children in grade school, and thus, they wanted a puppy to grow up with their children. I had no puppies available, but Colman Cogswell of Wilminghof had been instrumental in importing Vasti Vinandi von Diaspora. “Vinny” had recently been bred to Nycos vom Frankenhorst by John and Renee Mutter of Mutter Haus to produce their “F-Litter.” I traveled to Rhinelander Wisconsin (at the time, I lived in Madison) and chose Fancy for them. Later, Ed and Chris bred Fancy to Avatar to produce a litter of 10 puppies, seven males and three females. Ed and Chris lived in Franklin, PA and the only veterinarian with emergency service had little experience with puppies. Fancy had milk poisoning resulting from her Cesarean section, and the puppies were dying due to the toxic milk. All seven male puppies died prior to the veterinarian administering an antibiotic to Fancy. The three females survived the ordeal. Ed and Chris kept Bryza. A woman, Robin Brown, in San Antonio Texas purchased Becca. Dan and I had Becca with us for a month, prior to Robin being able to take her. Bacquera went to a woman who needed a service dog. Ken and Pam White in Festus, MO trained Bacquera for this woman.

Nycos vom Frankenhorst, Fancy’s vom Mutter Haus’s sire, and grand-sire of Bahnhof’s B-Litter.

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