Litter F

“F” Litter bred by Mike Walz June 1995 in Bethlehem, PA.

Sire: Avatar vom Bahnhof and Dam: Catara vom Kaiserhaus.

F-Litter bred by Mike Walz in Pennsylvania

​Sire: Avatar vom Bahnhof, SchH2

Dam: Catara von Kaiserhaus (bred by Cindy Rhodes).

​Catara’s dam (litter’s granddam) was Elka v. Shoenberg, Sch3 many times v-rated.

This fine litter goes back to Avatar vom Bahnhof and two other great dogs out of Feus von Nymphenburg: Arras v. Whebach, SchH III, FH and Elke v. Shoenenburg, SchH III. They also goe back to Bismark v. Donautal, SchH III. Please see below.

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