Special Recent Dogs

More Recently, the Dogs at Bahnhof Dobermans Have Been “Zorro”

Who was out of Avatar and an Avatar Daughter (whose mother was Chanine v. Mahuba from Germany and bred by Tom Thoman in Texas). Zorro was an explorer and the impetus for several journal articles (see Training Considerations). He had a bad habit of sticking his head in holes and pulling out animals (as can be seen in the included photo, that happened only two days before his very untimely demise). The last time he did this, the animal was a copperhead snake that bit Zorro in the head and neck, killing him almost instantly. Zorro is sorely missed.

As of 2022, Lionbacker's Kalihari from Phillips AKA "Kali" is 12 years old. She is doing great, although showing her advancing age.

Our latest addition is Lionbacker's Keyser Soze vom Palmetto. He is not yet one year old. He is a character. Before he was 8 weeks old, he had set himself on fire by running through a campfire, dove into the Buffalo River, and tried to jump from a 30' railroad bridge. He's survived 10 months and we hope he lives a long life as he learns that he does in fact have physical limits!