A Brief Introduction & Overview of the Company

Bahnhof Dobermanns: About us ... who we are!

We live and play with our dogs in the beautiful yet very remote northern woodlands near the Allegheny National Forest in Northwestern Pennsylvania.

Our home is a log cabin on 17 acres. All of our dogs live in our home with us as our close companions. 

The only time our K-9 companions are confined to kennel runs is when we are mowing or doing other yard work with implements that they enjoy attacking. At those times, the dogs are contained for their own safety. Most of the time, our adult dogs are out and about with us or sleeping on the furniture, waiting for us to come home.

To watch a video of our athletic dogs, well, being dogs.... extremely athletic, happy dogs, please check out our video on youtube entitled, "Kira, Let's Roll!"

​We limit the total number of adult dogs that we have at any one time to four because we do not believe in "warehousing" our dogs. Dogs evolved to socialize with people, not to be stored like inanimate objects in a warehouse.

We rarely have litters of puppies. We have only bred five litters (A, C, D, E, G) since 1990. When we do have a litter, our puppies are out and about with our other dogs and us so they can be socialized appropriately. We raise our dogs in accordance with the way we believe dogs evolved with humans, as an integral part of a social unit, not "outback in a kennel."

Bahnhof Dobermanns