Litter D

​Bahnhof’s D-Litter: Five of the twelve puppies were exported to Germany. 

Sire:      Avatar vom Bahnhof

Dam:     Colman’s Chantilly vom Bahnhof

The Trip to Germany. 

Five puppies were exported to Germany: Dakota, Détente, Dominike, Dillinger, and Desparado.

Sending five puppies to Germany was bittersweet. First, I never had the opportunity to see them “in person” again. Additionally, due to the Dobermann Verein (German Kennel Club) not accepting AKC papers for puppies when their sire and dam are not bred in Germany, none of these puppies were ever able to be registered in Germany. 

Delta was purchased by Randy and Mary Miller in Lincoln NE. She was used as a cadaver dog as well as a personal protection dog. After they suffered a personal tragedy, she was sent back to me. At that time, I placed her in a home as a protection dog who also helped herd the livestock in Franklin, PA.

Dharma was purchased as a puppy by a couple in MA and remained with them, happily, throughout her life. 

Linda Werlein had Dillinger for several months prior to placing him in a loving and excellent working home. However, he suddenly became very inappropriately aggressive. Unfortunately, he had developed a tumor on his amygdala and he could not be saved. He had to be euthanized d at a very young age.

Poor little Dallas was born with a tiny little bump on her back. The tiny bump ended up being a broken back. At first, when we talked on the phone, my veterinarian said Dallas would need to be euthanized. However, when she saw how mobile Dallas was, she referred me to the University of Missouri College of Veterinary Medicine. There, Dallas was seen by a neurosurgeon who eventually, when Dallas was old enough, performed a surgery on her. She was saved and as mobile and healthy as any dog I’d ever bred. At first, when she was all “good to go” as they say in the Army, Dallas went to a military police officer at Fort Leonard Wood who was going to leave the military and start a drug detection dog business. However, Dallas kept jumping his fence and getting him fined. She returned to me. Then she was placed with Coastal Marine in Venice Florida, but she barked so much, she got that owner fined heavily also. She returned to me. Finally, she went to live with a lawyer in Clarion PA, where she never needed to hire a lawyer again because she always had one. Her temperament was one of the best I’ve ever seen.

Danika (AKA “Nika”) was a very high drive little girl. As far as what I like in a puppy, she was my pick of this very large litter. She had insane prey drive. She carried anything she could (including leaves) from the time she could walk. At the time she was born, I had Avatar and three dogs from my C-Litter (Calderon, Chicago, and Chantilly), and an Avatar puppy (Alcatraz vom Wusten-Sturm). There was no way that I could keep Nika. She ended up with a couple in Cape Coral, FL with a couple as a personal protection dog. She was excellent with their young grandchildren and she loved to swim in their pool.

Deja Vu was a close second to me as far as pick female. She went to a schutzhund home that did not work out. Greg and Debbie Bach placed her as a personal protection dog with a friend of theirs and bred their B litter from her and an Avatar son, Boris von Rosenhof, SchH3, IPO3, IPO FH.

Danada, quite a pistol, whose collar was rainbow colored, was known as “The Rainbow Warrior” (referring to the Green Peace Ship). She was placed with a contractor in Chicago who wanted a protection dog to accompany him as he worked. Danada lived out her life with him, happily protecting his truck, while he worked in the Windy City, and going home with him at night.

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